GIFs Galore!

We may not all agree on the correct pronunciation of the acronym GIF, but I think we can all agree that these GIFs are glorious.

Kotryna Zukauskaite‘s complex conceptual illustrations become even more visually intriguing when in motion.

Chi Birmingham finds humor in even the most mundane activities, turning crossing the street and lifting weights into captivating little animations.

Shaw Nielsen‘s cheeky animations liven any advertisement or story.

Daniel Hertzberg‘s graphic, 3D style beautifully complements his conceptual animations.

Loe Lee creates both high energy, graphic GIFs and whimsical, line drawing GIFs to reflect her two styles of illustration.

Robert Neubecker brilliantly brings his conceptual illustrations to life with short yet bold animations.

Chiara Vercesi makes creating GIFs look as easy as ABC!

Aldo Crusher‘s playful graphics smoothly transition from the world of still images to animated GIFs.

Traci Daberko makes a difficult topic approachable with her clear concept and fun animation.

John S. Dykes‘ daily reminder to give love is simple, sweet and effective.

Peter and Maria Hoey add even more drama to the news by animating their clever political illustrations.