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A Voice for Illustration

Village Voice Creative Director Andrew Horton is a long-time advocate of illustration as a means of illuminating stories. Since his arrival at the Voice, the paper has a fresh new look, and is filled each week with work by many of the top artists working today. We are delighted that Andrew and his team have included our artists (Raul Arias, Taylor Callery, Sean McCabe and others) in this group for cover art as well as feature stories, reviews and interviews.  Here’s a look at some recent work:


Raul Arias

Raul illustrated this full page for a feature about New York’s biggest union aligning themselves with the state’s Republican party.



Sean Mccabe

Sean created this super full page image for the Voice’s article about Ms. Marvel, a new Pakistani-American superhero.


Sean also designed this collage for a review of Netflix’s hit show “Stranger Things”.


Gabriela Zurda

Gabriela illustrated this lively piece about Mi Gente! Latinx Music Festival in the Bronx.



Taylor Callery

Taylor has been busy at work for the Voice! This first image (not for the faint of heart), was done for an article about the GOP convention.


This graffiti inspired image accompanied a book review of Mark Greif’s collection of essays, “Against Everything.”


Taylor also did work for an article about “jollof-off”, a competition at the African Food Festival to see who makes the best version of this West African staple dish.



Richard Mia

Richard created this edgy piece for a feature on music critic Michael Azerrad’s new book Rock Critic Law: 101 Unbreakable Rules for Writing Badly About Pop Music.



James O’Brien

James’ piece ran alongside a review of Hirsh Sawhney’s debut novel, South Haven.