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The Best of 2016!

Once again we asked each of our illustrators to submit their favorite piece from the past year. We are honored to represent such an amazingly talented group of artists and are proud to present this year’s collection of work. The images are grouped by theme so be sure to make your way all the way to the bottom. Illustration is an exciting, evolving medium and we hope this provides inspiration for the new year.

Our artists made work about happiness and health…

Chi Birmingham created a fun, animated gif of some runners for the New York Times Well Blog


Stephanie Dalton Cowan contributed to a series of several illustrations on Design Thinking, and how to create happiness in your life for Live Happy


Traci Daberko was feeling the love in her illustration about the happiness that comes from connections with other people for Live Happy magazine


Stuart Briers for Experience Life Magazine about good heart health


Pushart created a cut paper landscape of Sydney featuring the new convention center for a spread in PCMA Convene magazine



It’s no surprise that things got a little political this year….

John Jay Cabuay illustrated some colorful portraits for the September/October cover of Politico


Taylor Callery illustrated this horrifying piece for The Village Voice’s article about Trump at the RNC

Michael Witte illustrated some pretty funny caricatures of “Trump’s Court Jesters” for New Republic

Daniel Baxter drew portraits of six presidents in a movie theater for American Airlines’ ‘American Way’ magazine


David Brinley illustrated a cover for the Voice about                                       Richard Mia‘s illustration for The
a new generation headed off to war                                                                    Boston Globe about Putin’s strategy for                                                                                                                                                         Syria



They did a lot of editorial work about business and sciences…

Shaw Nielsen created this cool animation for the New York Times about how desperate towns have turned to private equity firms to manage their waterworks


James O’Brien illustrated a piece for the Wall Street Journal for an article about sliding compensation for executives


Raul Arias made a very clever illustration about Con Ed for the cover of the Village Voice


Daniel Hertzberg created a mesmerizing illustration for Nautilus about time travel


Dan Page‘s illustration for Mother Jone’s article “Shooting Blanks”


Phil Foster made a conceptual piece for Dallas CEO             J.D. King created a cover for Public Power
magazine’s article about how low gas prices are hurting     magazine
the industry, and how to survive challenging times
foster-dallas-ceo-mag-low-gas-prices*Public Power-Finish-2 copy 2







David Vogin created a retro photo illustration for CHOC annual report

As always, our artists also created some great work for universities…

Greg Mably created some colorful icons for Tufts University


Jon Reinfurt got literary with his piece for Penn Arts & Science magazine about how Shakespeare transcends time


Brad Yeo  illustrated this full page piece as an opener for an article about the inventor of the lithium ion battery and what he’s up to now


Margi Kimball illustrated an intricate classroom setting for the cover for American magazine



Robert Neubecker drew the cover for the course                                          Marc Rosenthal was commissioned by
catalog at University of California Riverside                                                  Princeton Alumni Weekly to illustrate a                                                                                                                                                         piece about Princeton slang


Jonathan Carlson illustrated this sci-fi piece for Penn                   James Steinberg‘s conceptual illustration
State Science Magazine about invasive species                              about big data for Rutgers Engineering





Our artists were also chosen for quite a few lifestyle/pop culture articles…

Nigel Buchanan showed off some of the cooler hair trends in the NBA for ESPN Magazine


Michael Cho painted a beautiful portrait of the man everyone loves to hate for The New Yorker


Jeffrey Smith illustrated a very vibrant piece of Parquet Courts for Rolling Stone


Gabriela Zurda’s fun, reversible illustration ran in the Village Voice’s article about a music festival in the Bronx


Sean McCabe illustrated a super full page in the Village Voice about new Marvel character, Kamala Khan



Ryan Huddle designed an inspiring illustration about New Year’s resolutions for the Wall Street Journal


Ryan Snook captured millennials and the                                              Hylton Warburton illustrated a cover
music industry for Billboard magazine                                                    for warmer times for Washington Post’s                                                                                                                                                       Weekend magazine magazine



Martin Ansin had the fun job of creating a poster for a show called “Ancient Aliens”

Matthieu Forichon illustrated a tres chic woman                          Raul Allen‘s cover for Landslide magazine
at a cafe

1950 landslide9-2_cover_pre_rallen

Some of them also worked on site specific work…

Aldo Crusher‘s interpretation of Casey at the Bat for an exhibition at the National Pastime Museum


Mark Fredrickson also made a contribution for the Casey at the Bat exhibition

Elizabeth Traynor worked on watercolor ecosystem/habitat display boards for Franklin Park Zoo in Boston



Rapp artists also enjoyed branding and promo jobs this year…

John S. Dykes designed a whole 2017 calendar for Half Price books


Lonnie Busch animated this adorable Christmas ad for Brosway jewelry

Gwen Keraval‘s illustration for the 80th anniversary of the science museum in Paris


Andy Ward helped with the rebranding of popular                                                                     Iskra Johnson‘s elegant
English record store, Life                                                                                                                 calligraphy for Allegretto


There were a few publishing jobs thrown in the mix…

Yuta Onoda was commissioned for this whimsical cover for Algonquin Books


Eva Vazquez made this impressive illustration for the book Las Peques Virtudes by Natalia Ginzburg


And sometimes our artists have fun with their own personal projects…

Peter & Maria Hoey have been working on a series of portraits of their favorite authors


Bruce Morser illustrated this wonderfully realistic oak tree for a fundraiser for a new Arts Center on Vashon Island