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Thanksgiving Feast

As the days get colder and shorter, it is easy to feel resentment towards the month of November. Thanksgiving reminds us, however, that we have a lot be be grateful for, namely food. So whether your feast will stay traditional this year or you try a few new recipes, we wish you a delicious Thanksgiving !

Chi Birmingham – We are thankful that pumpkin pie is back on the menu!

James Steinberg – We are thankful for all the local farmers that make this meal possible

Egle Plytnikaite – …and we are thankful for their fresh, colorful veggies.

Jon Reinfurt – …And let’s not forget, we are thankful for the turkey!

Mark Fredrickson – We are thankful for whoever realized mashing potatoes and adding a lot of butter was such a good idea!

Aldo Crusher – Some of us are thankful not to be cooking this year and getting dim sum instead!

Jonathan Carlson – We are thankful for gracious hosts!

Andy Ward – We are thankful for beautiful cheese boards.

Brian Ajhar – …and we are thankful for the abundance of food.

Traci Daberko – …And we are thankful for exploring a new seasonal cocktail list.

Elizabeth Traynor – We are thankful for so many sweet treats.

Jean-Manuel Duvivier – …Specifically chocolate! In fact, we are thankful for chocolate year round.

Marc Rosenthal – Wherever we decide to have our Thanksgiving dinner, we are thankful to be having it with our loved ones!