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University Illustrations

Led by our editorial agent Jodie Hein, our collaborations with universities continue to develop and grow. The following illustrators deliver exciting, new work to universities across the country and beyond. Keep scrolling to see a comprehensive collection of university illustrations for editorial covers, portraits, infographics, maps, donor gifts, and campus products.

Editorial Covers

Aldo Crusher – Saint Louis University, winner of the award of Excellence in the UCDA 2019 Design Competition

Gwen Keraval – FDU Magazine (Fairleigh Dickinson University) and William & Mary, winner of a silver UCDA award for the category Spring 2019 Cover/illustration.

Taylor Callery – Vanderbilt University, and Marquette University, Harvard Magazine, winner of American Illustration 38

Shaw Neilsen – Auburn University and American University

Pete Lloyd – Carnegie Mellon University 

Stephanie Dalton Cowan – the Vanguard ( UT Southwestern) and Seattle University Magazine

James Steinberg – Princeton University, Teachers College, and Columbia University

Bruce Morser – William & Mary University

Robert Neubecker – University of California Riverside

Sean McCabe – Marquette University, Auburn University, and Harvard Business Review

Stuart Briers – Johns Hopkins University and Marquette University

John Jay Cabuay – Alabama University

Dahl Taylor – Marquette University

David Vogin – Marquette University


Nigel Buchanan – Wake Forest University and Seattle University

Bruce Morser – American University

John Jay Cabuay – University of Texas Arlington

Daniel Hertzberg – Princeton Alumni Weekly

Elizabeth Traynor – Wake Forest Magazine and UBS Center at University of Zurich

Dahl Taylor – University of New Hampshire

Keith Witmer – Marquette University

Ryan Olbrysh – University of Colorado Springs


Gwen Keraval – Purdue University

Shaw Neilsen – American University


John S. Dykes – Santa Clara Magazine

Shaw Nielsen – Northeastern University

Lazlo Kubinyi – Providence College and The Lawrenceville School

Donor Gifts and Christmas Cards

Jon Reinfurt – Baylor University’s Christmas cards featuring classic campus landmarks and their school mascot, a bear.

Tom Newsom – William & Mary Christmas card

Kate Forrester – William & Mary University

Murals and Campus Posters

Traci Daberko – butterflies found around Marquette University’s campus

Shaw Nielsen – Baylor University Homecoming

Daniel Hertzberg – Boston University mural

Anna Godeassi – Marquette University sticker

Robert Neubecker – Marquette koozie

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