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What we did on our summer vacation

Thru the past several months, a few of our editorial illustrators were commissioned to illustrate covers and literature for university magazines across the country. From technology magazines to scholarship fundraising, our illustrators capture academic subjects and translate them to visuals wonderfully. As the school bells ring to welcome students, we’d like to share a few of these recent university projects with you.

Pete Lloyd

Pete Lloyd illustrated a postcard advertisement for the License to Learn campaign. The sale of the Auburn postcards raises money for scholarships for the University and prospective students.

Dan Page

Dan Page illustrates a cover for Colgate University’s magazine feature titled “The Nexus: Innovation, Creation, and Hands-On Exploration.” The piece represents a new academic and building initiative in which the university’s Middle Campus will bring together design, computer science, digital creativity, the arts, and entrepreneurship.

Chiara Vercesi

Chiara Vercesi was commissioned by Harvard Chan School to illustrate their issue on climate change. This issue discusses researchers are taking action on climate change and fight for a healthier, more equitable planet.