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Winning Illustrations: American Illustration 40

We are delighted to share that 11 of our illustrators have been selected by American Illustration for their 40th annual archive, which showcases the best illustrations of the year. Keep scrolling to see this year’s winning illustrations.

Taylor Callery, The New York Times

“In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.” 
AD: Minh Uong

Nigel Buchanan, Brunswick Group

Portrait of psychologist Adam Grant
AD: Frank Tagariello

Eva Vazquez, Parents

“We Need to Talk About the Financial Toll of Miscarriage”
AD: Sarina Finkelstein

John Jay Cabuay, The Washington Post

“A Teachable Moment”
AD: Vicky Fogg

Fatinha Ramos, Scientific American

“Suicide: The Other U.S. Epidemic”
AD: Michael Mrak

Gwen Keraval, Rotarian Magazine

“Programs of Scale”
AD: Jennifer Moody

Daniel Hertzberg, Personal Piece

This illustration is the first of series Daniel is working on about segregation on Long Island.

Frank Stockton, Entertainment Weekly

This illustration is a reimagined version of an illustration Frank created for a review of the 2014 novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. 

John S Dykes, Personal Pieces

“King Orchards” was part of a series of illustrated journal entries John created as part of his summer RV trip. 

“Spatulas” is a painting John created for a gallery exhibition in Boston titled Pop-Culture & Advertising: 1960 Meets 2020.

David Brinley, Personal Piece

“A New Day” is a portrait David illustrated honoring the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

Anthony Freda, Personal Piece