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Aldo Crusher Two Dots

Travel across the world and beyond without leaving the comfort of your couch with Two Dots‘ weekly Treasure Hunt game illustrated by Aldo Crusher. Since January 2017, Aldo has created over 125 Treasure Hunt maps for this mini game. Released every Thursday, each Treasure Hunt contains seven levels and the player has four days to complete the levels. Players who finish before the time runs out are rewarded with a bespoke medallion and a custom map.

Aldo Crusher brings his a distinguishable, flat, vector look to his Two Dots Treasure Maps. Each illustration references real places or fantastical worlds, and uses a consistent scale so all elements are the same size and the roads appear top down while other elements are at a front-facing angle.

Download the game here and take a look at few of our favorite Treasure Maps illustrated by Aldo Crusher below:

Marrakesh, Morocco

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Versailles, France

Mandore, India

Edinburgh, Scotland

Tallinn, Estonia

Taipei, Taiwan

Iditarod, Alaska

Electric Desert

Strawberry Fields



City Overtaken by Nature

Minotaur’s Maze

Dracula’s Castle