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So Long Summer…

So Long Summer…

Sep 23, 2020

Whether it’s falling leaves to symbolize the passage of time or apples to welcome students back to the classroom, our illustrators create beautiful …



Aug 24, 2020

Our collaboration with Deloitte continues to grow under the expert guidance of our editorial agent Jodie Hein. Approximately 20 illustrators from Rapp Art …

Summer Sunsets

Summer Sunsets

Aug 11, 2020

There are few sights more beautiful than the glowing sky as it fades from blue to orange to pink and settles into dusk. This fiery time of day conjures …

Taylor Callery: Covid-19 Editorial Illustrations

Taylor Callery: Covid-19 Editorial Illustrations

Jul 6, 2020

Taylor Callery has spent quarantine creating Covid-19 related illustrations for the biggest editorial publications, …