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“How to Build an Autocracy”

“How to Build an Autocracy”

Mar 1, 2017

Jeffrey Smith has been busy at work for the March 2017 issue of The Atlantic! Jeff created a cover and two …

GIFs or Jifs?

GIFs or Jifs?

Feb 7, 2017

No matter which team you’re on for pronouncing the word, (hard G or jif like the peanut butter) you’ve probably seen these fun animations …

The Best of 2016!

The Best of 2016!

Jan 10, 2017

Once again we asked each of our illustrators to submit their favorite piece from the past year. We are honored to represent such an amazingly talented group …

Introducing the 2017 Tote Bags

Introducing the 2017 Tote Bags

Nov 28, 2016

Each year we send out 4000 custom designed tote bags, along with our printed catalog full of great images. We ask the artists in our group to submit ideas …