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  • Pete Lloyd

  • Anna Godeassi

  • Yuta Onoda

  • Jonathan Carlson

  • Robert Neubecker

  • Nigel Buchanan

  • David Vogin

  • Jean-Manuel Duvivier

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Best Portraits

Best Portraits

Mar 22, 2018

Last week, with the passing of Stephen Hawking, Daniel Baxter posted his tribute to who the Gaurdian described as …

What’s it like to…

What’s it like to…

Mar 15, 2018

Richard Mia was entrusted to illustrate the personal stories of ordinary Rotary Club members for their monthly publication of …

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

Feb 14, 2018

The Harvard Business School is still considered by many to be the pinnacle of advanced business education.  We are proud to …

Work Happy Editorial Projects

Work Happy Editorial Projects

Jan 15, 2018

Work Happy Editorial is dedicated to the amazing assignments with magazines and newspapers that made our artists happy in 2017. …