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Double Vision

The editorial world has a lot of unavoidable overlap: whether it’s a historic current event, pop culture reference, lifestyle trend, or timeless metaphor. Regardless of inevitable similarities in certain subject matter, our artists infuse each illustration with their unique styles and constantly come up with fresh perspectives that set their work apart from other illustrations. This point is only heightened seeing a few of our repeated themes side by side as seen below.

Light Bulb: Gwen Keraval and Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Wedding Day: Nicole Xu and Matthieu Forichon

The Mother of Dragons: John Jay Cabuay and Sean McCabe

Feminine Profiles: Traci Daberko and Egle Plytnikaite

Superman: Michael Cho and Martin Ansin

Biking Uphill: Hylton Warburton and Chi Birmingham

Virtual Reality: Daniel Hertzberg and Aldo Crusher

Jazz: Chiara Vercesi and Jean Manuel Duvivier

King Kong: Phil Wrigglesworth and David Vogin

Grant Wood’s painting, American Gothic: David Brinley and Brian Ajhar

Surf: Jonathan Carlson and Alison Seiffer

Golf: Jakob Hinrichs and Dan Page

Eye Exams: Taylor Callery, Gordon Studer, and Kotryna Zukauskaite