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Editorial Illustration

Representing nearly 100 award-winning artists, editorial illustration is at the heart of who we are here at Rapp Art. Our illustrators constantly create new and interesting ways to visually convey concepts. With sharp minds and limitless imaginations, their work has made it on the cover of prestigious editorial publications across all industries, from daily newspapers to medical journals to university publications.  

Dan Page – Wall Street Journal

Nigel Buchanan – TIME

Kotryna Zukaustaite – The New York Times

Daniel Hertzberg – The New York Times

Sean McCabe – Marquette University

Aldo Crusher – Cincinnati Magazine

Traci Daberko – The New York Times

Hylton Warburton – Deloitte

Taylor Callery – The New York Times

Gwen Keraval – William & Mary Alumni Magazine

Blind Salida – Harvard Business Review

Rocco Baviera – Harvard Magazine