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wpid-139427Bernard Maisner is an old hand when it comes to handwork, an expert stationer whose custom calligraphed invitation sets are masterpieces of Spencerian and Copperplate hand lettering. His elaborately embellished invitations and envelopes are either personally produced or printed under his supervision, and his “Italian,” “French” and “Americana” styles are unique in the world of fine social stationery and calligraphy. Maisner’s handwriting has also been used in advertising, as logos, and on books and CDs. Perhaps most fascinating are his lifelike re-creations of historical writings and interpretations done for fictional characters in motion pictures: his hand has stood in for Johnny Depp’s, Daniel Day Lewis’s and Sean Connery’s, among others. Those who witnessed his illustrated lecture for the Society of Scribes, held recently at New York’s Grolier Club, reported it as electrifying—and so inspiring that we could not pass up an opportunity to interview Maisner for Voice about the challenges of being a letterer in the digital age and his passion for this venerable art.