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ProfilePhotoGreg Mably is a Toronto-based Artist and a graduate of OCAD University in Toronto where he is now a professor. Moving between abstract and figurative subjects, in addition to combining vivid colour and geometric forms he creates imagery that is at once contemporary yet timeless. His artwork has appeared in numerous publications as well as a range of corporate, institutional and advertising applications such as paper goods, toys, packaging, brand identity and animation. Selected Clients include: National Audubon Society, New York Times, Newsweek, Time magazine, Fast Company, Boston Globe, Sierra Club, Scientific American, Harvard Business Review, The Walt Disney Company, ESPN, Institutional Investor, Warner Bros Records, John Hopkins University, Stanford University, PlanSponsor, Los Angeles magazine, Forbes, Hemispheres magazine, MasterCard, Papyrus, New Republic, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Aquent, FAO Schwarz