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Body Electric

Daniel Hertzberg worked with NPR on a series of illustrations for Body Electric, a 6-part interactive project hosted by TED Radio Hour’s Manoush Zomorodi which investigates the impact of tech on our bodies and how to live better with our devices.

Series-opening illustration for NPR’s investigative podcast series “Body Electric,” devoted to investigating the relationship between our technology and our bodies – and how we can fix it.
When human met desk: a toxic relationship for the ages.
The story behind soaring myopia among kids: Nearsightedness is on the rise and screen time has a lot to do with it.
The demise of our posture: How tech has caused things like “dead butt syndrome” or “tech neck.”
This illustration was accepted in Society of Illustrators 66
Overwhelmed by doom scrolling? Overstimulation, bombardment with sensory signals and doom scrolling overloads our brains and has an effect on the body too.
The future relationship between technology and our bodies.
Can movement – every thirty minutes – in our daily lives help offset the detrimental effects of sitting all day?