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Inktober 2019

Every October, artists around the world dedicate themselves to drawing every day for an entire month. This challenge, called Inktober, gives illustrators the chance to freely test new styles, draw unexpected subject matter, and get to know their community. This ambitious project is admirable to attempt as a busy freelance illustrator. Keep scrolling to take a look at a few of our favorite Inktober illustrations from this year.

Aldo Crusher took advantage of this month-long personal project to explore his love of horror films and a new, darker style.

Nicole Xu threw away prompts and spent the month drawing freely, illustrating a series of ethereal, ink girls.

John Jay Cabuay used his Inktober challenge as a way to explore new brush strokes and focus on figures.

Loe Lee followed Inktober prompts, however switched up her materials, creating ink drawings, digital illustrations, and even murals.