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Dan Page for IEEE Spectrum: College Admissions – Should AI Apply?

The Hot Topic: AI

There are limitless discussions to be had about the rapidly expanding field of study that is Artificial Intelligence. AI has the potential to affect many areas of life, from education to medicine to childcare, and there are varying opinions on what to do about it. Some are excited, others are fearful. Not to mention the stir it has caused in our own industry of illustration. But rest assured that many human artists are being commissioned to illustrate these stories about AI. For example:

Paul Garland for The Wall Street Journal: The AI Nanny
Rebekka Dunlap for Billboard: AI-personalized music
Zara Picken for TD Magazine: Adapting to the future in education innovation
James Steinberg for Time Magazine: Who should control AI?
Nigel Buchanan for Time Magazine: Elon Musk’s AI Fight
Daniel Hertzberg for The Washington Post: Government regulation of AI technology
Stephanie Dalton-Cowan for The Woodward Academy: reshaping education

… and several great ones from Dan Page:

IEEE Spectrum: The Who, Where, and How of Regulating AI
IEEE Spectrum: ChatGPT makes OK clinical decisions… usually
Filling empty chairs

Eglé Plytnikaite for the Ancient Woods Foundation

Eglė Plytnikaitė is extremely passionate about using her illustration capabilities to support environmental causes. Most recently, she collaborated with Rastine Cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania on a line of beautiful prints, postcards, window displays, and a children’s activity book, all about fungi and biodiversity.

The collection underscores the crucial role of mushrooms in the ecosystem and the importance of protecting old-growth forests. All proceeds of the project are donated to the Ancient Woods Foundation, which Eglé has been volunteering with since its establishment.

Learn more about the project on Behance, and this blog post from the Directory of Illustration.

Chiara Vercesi: World Illustration Awards

We’re super proud of Chiara Vercesi whose illustration series for Scientific American’s “The Urgent Need To Improve Health Equity” won the Science and Technology category in the World Illustration Awards! Chiara’s brilliantly conceptual series captured the harsh reality that healthcare is a luxury for some, which was highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Congratulations to Chiara and to Creative Director Michael Mrak!

Christmas in September

Yes, Fall has just begun. But for many, this means it’s high time to prepare for the holidays. We’ve been working on holiday cards, gift guides, and Christmas promotions, and can’t help but feel excited for the most wonderful time of the year. We curated a collection on our blog of holiday illustrations and animations from past years for some festive inspiration. It’s Christmas in September – make the season bright!

Mark Fredrickson
Jean Francois-Podevin