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Spring University 2024: Part 1

Below is part 1 of our collection of exciting work our illustrators have done with College and University magazines this season. These covers and features set the stage for a Spring season of positivity, looking forward, and breaking new ground. 
Stay tuned for part 2 later in the Spring!

Traci Daberko – Roanoke Magazine – Student-faculty research
Editor Lindsay Nair  

Zara Picken – Iowa Stater Magazine – World-changing work at Iowa State
Art Director Jenny Witte

Beatriz Ortiz – Archways Magazine – Increasing longevity
Art Director Melanie Reinmiller

Chiara Vercesi – UAlberta Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science – Pharmacists are crucial in helping people age healthfully
Art Direction: Marcey Andrews and Mifi Purvis

Sean McCabe – Santa Clara Magazine – Interdisciplinary Learning
Managing Editor Leslie Griffy

John Jay Cabuay – Rollins Magazine – Food For Thought on food access equity in the south
Art Director Linda Dobson

Kathleen Fu – Rollins Magazine – The post-antibiotic age
Art Director Linda Dobson