• i170s1569

    Robert Neubecker

  • parachute

    Aldo Crusher

  • jon-wide

    Jon Reinfurt

  • mc-cormick-spread1

    Gwen Keraval


    Peter and Maria Hoey

  • hairstyles-5

    Nigel Buchanan

  • danpage-freetrade

    Dan Page

  • hylton_warburton_durban_02

    Hylton Warburton

  • pol50-intro

    Sean McCabe

  • COVER_Assignment.indd

    Stephanie Dalton Cowan

  • boo04_c

    Jan Feindt

  • 38-39_bized_so16_evasquez2

    Eva Vazquez

  • wellguides_running_superJumbo_v2

    Chi Birmingham

  • Untitled

    Iskra Johnson


Introducing the 2017 Tote Bags

Introducing the 2017 Tote Bags

Nov 28, 2016

Each year we send out 4000 custom designed tote bags, along with our printed catalog full of great images. We ask the artists in our group to submit ideas …

Dunk It!

Dunk It!

Nov 22, 2016

Everyone has their own way of eating Oreos, but there’s no doubt that Oreo’s perfect match is milk. Aldo Crusher was recently commissioned by …

A Voice for Illustration

A Voice for Illustration

Oct 17, 2016

Village Voice Creative Director Andrew Horton is a long-time advocate of illustration as a means of illuminating stories. Since his arrival at the Voice, …

2Communiqué and RappArt

2Communiqué and RappArt

Sep 20, 2016

We’d like to recognize the design firm of 2Communiqué and creative director, Kelly McMurray for their dedication to illustration and the frequent …