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2019 Tote Bag Winners

This year, we received incredible concepts for our 2019 tote bags from our brilliant artists and these are the winning designs.  The bags come with our illustration look books where you can see fantastic examples of the work in bright printed living color.  Douglas Jones went with a timelessly quirky idea for the year of the pig-  Spam.  Chiara Vercesi illustrated an adorable pig in a futuristic graphic style.   Anna Godeassi created a vibrant hybrid of flowers and figures to show love, diversity, and tolerance. Traci Daberko displays her playful squirrel feeling ambitious and determined looking forward to a prosperous New Year.  Studio Warburton was inspired by late nights that illustrators spend developing their work. Here’s to a year of wealth and fortune in the illustration world!

Douglas Jones  | “Year of The Pig”


Chiara Vercesi  | “The Future Is Pig”


Anna Godeassi  | “Floral Figurines”


Traci Daberko | “Even a Blind Squirrel Finds an Acorn”


Studio Warburton  | “Night of an Illustrator”