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2Communiqué and RappArt

We’d like to recognize the design firm of 2Communiqué and creative director, Kelly McMurray for their dedication to illustration and the frequent use of our illustrators.  2Communiqué was recently commissioned by two of their clients, AACSB and the University of Tampa to redesign their publications, BizEd and UTjournal, respectively. BizEd is a publication for business school deans and faculty and is read along with the Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal.  An integral part of the design direction was the use of commissioned illustration (vs stock images) to enhance the editorial content and make the visual message unique.  Smart, high impact, conceptual illustrations are the center piece of Kelly and her team’s strategy with BizEd and the UTjournal.

RappArt receives more than it’s fair share of 2Communiqué assignments.  The Fall issues for both publications featured Rapp talent. We are proud to be part of the repertoire of talented artists that 2Communique works with and hope that other designers similarly embrace the benefits of custom illustration.

Please review the work below.


September/October 2016 issue

Eva Vazquez

Left: cover for the issue.  Right: A conceptual puzzle illustration about how schools make use of part time professors.













Eva created this full page illustration for a piece on different skills and roles that university professors can bring to the table.


This beautiful fall scene was created for an article about possible changes to the PhD model.


Another creative idea by Eva found itself alongside an article about adjunct professors.


Shaw Nielsen

This piece was illustrated for an article about creating a virtual team with diverse personalities.


Shaw also did a second illustration, which accompanied an article about positive venture advocate behaviors and the people behind the scenes at startups.


Justine Beckett

Justine drew a spot which was included in an article about navigating corporate partnerships.


May/June 2016 issue

Traci Daberko

Left: cover for the issue. Right: a half page illustration about combining experiential learning and community service.



A full page illustration to accompany an article about 10 different schools’ transformations


January/February 2016

Richard Mia

Richard illustrated this spread for an article about how business schools teach ethics.


Dan Page

Dan illustrated this piece for an article about teaching innovation at the US Air Force Academy.


May/June 2015 issue

Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Cover for the issue.


Left: full page illustration for an article about how to teach entrepreneurs and economic growth in Africa. Right: for an article about how business schools are advancing management education.



Fall 2016 issue

Eva Vazquez

Cover for the fall 2016 issue.


Eva was commissioned for this colorful work about an exchange program with Cuba.



Spring 2016 issue

Shaw Nielsen

Left: Cover for the magazine. Right: A playful full page to illustrate an article about millenials.

utjournal_sp16_cover utjournal_sp16_coverstory_r2