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A Silver Lining

Illustration holds the power to communicate emotions and thoughts that are not so easy to express with words. As we enter a period of social distancing, we are confronted with emotions like anxiety and loneliness, but also gratitude and empathy. We have seen our local communities ban together to support our neighbors and small businesses, and we’ve seen a stronger global connection form as countries share resources with one another. There is always a silver lining, and we will always be here to find it. As you read this, we hope you know that we are a community and grateful for your support too!

The silver lining

Our connections run deeper than 6 feet.

Fatinha Ramos

Coronavirus neighbor love illustration

We have incredibly dedicated healthcare workers working around the clock for us.

Traci Daberko

Hospital silver lining illustration

We will all heal from this together.

Sjoerd van Leeuwen

healing together silver lining illustration

We have seen incredible acts of generosity – Sharing is caring!

Nicole Xu

abundance generosity illustration

Slowing down reminds us to take time to read a book and recharge.

Loe Lee

Social media keeps us in conversation with one another.

Aldo Crusher

social media love illustration

Turning inward leads to unexpected creativity.

Anna Godeassi

silver lining femininity illustration

Spring is here!

Shaw Nielsen

silver lining community spring illustration

“How are you?” is a powerful question.

An Chen

silver lining "How are you" letter illustration