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A Spotlight on Spots

We tend to focus on the biggest, most eye catching covers or full page spreads created by our artists, often neglecting the very many little spot illustrations they have also perfected. Surrounded by lines of text, spot illustrations add visual intrigue and context to any article. Finding the balance between being eye catching without distracting from the accompanying narrative is truly a skill that should not go unrecognized.

Aldo Crusher

Aldo’s expert design sense knows what to include and what to leave to the imagination when working on a small scale. His little icons can be spotted all throughout Virginia Living’s Best of Virginia 2019 issue.

Peter and Maria Hoey

This sibling power duo combines their expertise of comic book and editorial illustration to create the perfect visual accompaniments to any piece of writing.

Shaw Nielsen

Shaw’s style is youthful yet sophisticated, bringing a professional playfulness to his subject. His colorful, flat graphics make for both perfectly static icons and energetic narrative illustrations.

Andrea Cobb

Andrea transforms the mundane things in life into works of art. Her organic lines and shapes of color give the viewer just enough detail to fill in the rest of her image with their imagination.

Hylton Warburton

Hylton’s limited yet vibrant color palette stands out in all his images, big and small. His bold lines and minimalist characters tell a story beyond the confines of the frame, as seen in these illustrations for Foreign Policy Magazine’s feature on Tunisia’s struggle since gaining democratic freedom

Robert Neubecker

Robert’s distinct style is infused with satire and surrealism. Lacking any sharp border, his spot illustrations feel at home with their surroundings.

John S. Dykes

It’s impossible not to crack a smile looking at John’s playful illustrations. Neither gravity nor boredom exist in his series of spot illustrations for Yankee Magazine’s collection of articles, “63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands”

Chiara Vercesi

Chiara’s fun, geometric shading and vibrant colors are bound to keep the reader engaged. Even with her minimalist approach to illustrating figures, she gives each character their own personality with different postures and hairstyles.

Chi Birmingham

Chi’s clever illustrations provide comic relief and teaching moments for motivated readers, as seen in his New York Times “Marathon Training Guide.”

Gwen Keraval

Gwen adds a touch of whimsy to everything he illustrates. His groovy graphics for Volkswagen’s 16th International Volkswagen Bus Meeting blend the bus’ retro feel with his contemporary illustration style.

Bruce Morser

Everyone loves a celebrity spotting (and a pun)! Bruce’s highly technical illustrations capture the likeness of his subjects so elegantly.

Douglas B. Jones

Douglas balances a vintage palette with modern imagery, creating quirky concepts across all industries.