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Best Portraits

Last week, with the passing of Stephen Hawking, Daniel Baxter posted his tribute to who the Gaurdian described as “scientist’s brightest star.” The portrait was shared by artists, industry leaders like the Workbook, but also by many celebrating the life of Hawking, showing the power in portraiture. Daniel’s uniquely styled portrait reminds of how there can be an alignment of an artist’s style with the character of the sitter/ scientist/ activist/ performer. We’ve selected a few of our best examples below.

Daniel Baxter

Nigel Buchanan – five opera singers are brought together for a cover and spread of Opera News

Daniel Hertzberg – a joyous portrait of Sheikha Qasimi, Minister of Tolerance, United Arab Emirates

Raul Arias – the always very cool Angela Merkel for Courrier International

Jeff Smith – students learning of the legacy of Maya Angelou are greeted with a vibrant portrait in Teaching Tolerance Magazine, in honor of what would be her 90th Birthday

Bruce Morser – “JJ my barber and very close friend. Great face, even better hands. This is pencil on paper. I love that he’s giving a bald guy (also a very close friend) a hair cut.”

Bruce Morser – these colorful color pencil portraits are accurate captures of personhood

Yuta Onoda – a haunting portrayal of Ichiro Suzuki for ESPN Magazine’s in depth feature “When Winter Never Ends”

James O’Brien – a fresh ink portrait of Aaron Judge that Yankees in Judge’s Chambers would go wild for! O’brien focused on a moment Judge was taking the plate.

Mark Fredrickson – a fantastic portrait of Alfred E Neuman was in order for the last NY Publication of MAD Magazine

John S Dykes – a phone juggling portrait of T-Moble CEO John Legere  for Ad Age

Sean McCabe – this photo bash illustration allowed Wall Street Journal readers to meet the athletes before the Olympics opening ceremony

John Jay Cabuay – dealmaker Bob Barnett navigates political entertainment negotiations

David Brinley – John Legend illuminated with a smile in reaction to Legend’s Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe for Best Original Song