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Celebrating Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

It is easy to feel limited by the many restrictions set in place due to COVID-19, however one thing remains accessible and limitless: our own creativity. We have seen creativity take so many forms throughout this pandemic: from 3D printed face shields to virtual Zoom weddings, people are uniting through creative solutions. Our illustrators are so in tune with their creativity that not even a global pandemic can stop them from inventing new concepts and exploring new styles. Let’s celebrate this abstract term and explore the many shapes creativity can take in illustration.

Yuta Onoda
Creativity doesn’t give up.

virus killer illustration

Mark Fredrickson
Creativity is invention.

Albert Einstein portrait

Sjoerd van Leeuwen
Creativity is supportive.


Eva Vazquez
Creativity always finds the light.

conceptual creativity illustration

Bruce Morser
Creativity taps into our childlike imagination.

reading a book illustration

Loe Lee
Creativity isn’t lonely.

quarantine imagination illustration

Anna Godeassi
Creativity is contagious.

Nurturing Creativity

Aldo Crusher
Creativity is innovative.

Creativity and innovation illustration

Dan Page
Creativity is unexpected.

Hylton Warburton
Creativity finds excitement in the mundane.

Groovy Coffee illustration

Yao Xiao
Creativity has a sense of humor.

Fantasy creativity

Robert Neubecker
Creativity connects us.

Childhood Creativity and Freedom

Daniel Diosdado
Creativity is resourceful

Creativity Animal Rights illustration

John Jay Cabuay
Creativity admires creativity.

Creativity Anderson Paak portrait

Michael Cho
Creativity is storytelling.