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Embrace the Fall

We know how hard it is to move on from long, sunny days at the beach, but we hope these images help you fall back into your groove this season and embrace the fall…

Chi Birmingham – Nature makes its own music with the sound of rustling leaves.

Matthieu Forichon – Switch up your wardrobe.

Shaw Nielsen – You can channel your inner lumberjack and pull off flannel!

Jan Feindt Football is back!

Mark Fredrickson – It’s apple season!

Peter and Maria Hoey – …and Leaf peeping season!

Traci Daberko – Squirrels are getting fatter and cuter.

Loe Lee – Hot coffee soothes your soul.

Sean McCabe – You can stay in and re-watch all of Parks and Recreation guilt free!

Raul Arias – It’s sweater weather!

Jon Reinfurt – Pumpkins are back in style!

Nicole Xu – It’s time to transition from cold showers to hot baths.

Pushart – Friends have returned from their vacations.