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GIFs or Jifs?

No matter which team you’re on for pronouncing the word, (hard G or jif like the peanut butter) you’ve probably seen these fun animations popping up all over the internet. Several of our artists have followed trend, and made GIF animations in their unique styles. These GIFs are used for web versions of editorial stories, logos, advertisements, or even just fun character creation. GIFs are perfect for our current social media culture, and our artists are ready to create something for whatever your needs may be.

Scroll through to see all the work.


Aldo Crusher works in a graphic vector style to create character GIFs as well as logos and promo including a piece for Discovery Kids Mexico. His animations are cute, humorous, and childlike in the best way.

me-gif-d cal-giflogoex583d91d01e1bc155189746

Chi Birmingham has been working hard on a large group of GIFs for the New York Times Well blog which feature people living healthy lifestyles. Chi is also great at capturing some cheeky humor in his animations.

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Daniel Hertzberg has worked on several editorial jobs making GIFs. Daniel works in a more dimensional graphic style, and is great with concepting, no matter the story.


animation2 daniel_hertzberg_tech_in_india











Gabriela Zurda‘s cubist style makes for some quirky GIFs.



Shaw Nielsen can create GIFs for many different scenarios. His animations range from charming characters, to conceptual business pieces, to engaging advertising.


nyt_water_animation PC-World


Peter & Maria Hoey use their retro style for editorial work, as well as their own digital flipbooks.

finalHQ.gif habit sonic

Ryan Snook channels his cartoon style to make funny animations.


Raul Arias can create a range of different styles of conceptual GIFs, just like his illustrations.


OK996x560 copia

Traci Daberko has had fun creating some amusing GIF holiday cards!