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Harvard Business School

The Harvard Business School is still considered by many to be the pinnacle of advanced business education.  We are proud to say that three artists from RappArt have been admitted….to the alumni bulletin as contributors.   Taylor Callery, Dan Page, and Jonathan Carlson created the illustrations for the December feature stories.  The images are excellent examples of each artist’s work and demonstrate the range of talent in our group.

Taylor Callery – Harvard Business School Magazine article, “Human Intelligence.” Deciphering the science from the fiction in the burgeoning AI sector.

Dan Page – HBS:  Character Building Through Storytelling. Why storytelling is the key to virtual reality’s future.

Jonathan Carlson – HBS feature, “A Year in Review 2017” From manufacturing to energy to health care, alumni experts weigh in on the new developments every business leader needs to understand.  Jonathan tapped into the familiar visual style of 1950’s illustration synonymous with household products; yet voice activated tablets, flat screen televisions and robotic hands show us it is a different age.

Local Business Goes Global

Voice activated, One-Hour-Delivery Shopping

Media: Courting the Cord-Cutters & Energy: A Future of Low Energy Prices


Manufacturing: The Supply Chain Goes High Tech & Finance: Helping Consumers Improve Their Financial Life.