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Icons and Infographics

Icons and infographics continue to trend as popular design choices in editorial, advertising, corporate communications, and motion graphics. Approximately 20 of our artists have iconic/infographic work in their portfolios. Six of those artists are particularly successful and we’ve compiled samples from each.

If you’d like to see all our icon/infographic talent go to:

Greg Mably

Audubon and Institutional Investor icons

Stanford University Magazine icons

IEEE Spectrum fast food iconsfood icons

Institutional Investor infographic
mably 2

















Chi Birmingham

Crain’s Cleveland infographic
SUPPLY Chains_v3

Diablo Magazine icons                                                                       AARP Magazine icons
birmingham3small birminghamiconssmall









Gwen Keraval

Boston University infographic
Keraval Infographic

WPI infographic
keraval info


Peter & Maria Hoey

Icons for Johnson Controls, LA Magazine, AARP and Library Journal
hoey icons smaller

Boston Globe infographic                                                                  LA Times icon
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Benefits Enrollment Network gameboard infographic
hoey game info


Aldo Crusher

Expansion Magazine icons
crusher info

Cosmopolis Pt2 icon                                                                      Baltimore Magazine icons
crusher icon crusher icons








VT Industries holiday card
crusher info


Shaw Nielsen

Pie Day infographic
nielsen illustration-pieDay

Popular Science icons                                                                        Personal PSA icons
nielsen icons


Property Casualty Group infographics
nielsen truck drivers