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Illustrating for Marquette

Our editorial agent, Jodie Hein, works regularly with university publications here at Rapp Art. Most recently, she collaborated with Marquette University’s creative director, Doug Frohmader, on Marquette Lawyer’s Summer 2019 issue. Doug is a big supporter of our group and worked with Jodie to selected the perfect artist for each feature. In this issue, three of our artists fill the magazine with vibrant, thought-provoking illustrations: Taylor Callery, Phil Foster, and David Vogin. Although the artists’ styles are completely unique, their politically charged concepts and warm toned palette support the sense of continuity throughout the magazine.

Taylor Callery

Taylor Callery created the cover for this issue, illustrating the Boden Lecture, “Dying Constitutionalism.” His bold illustrations continue inside the magazine, accompanying Ernest A. Young’s reflection on America’s legal system and the fourteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Phil Foster

The issue continues with a panel discussion about the power of restorative justice, featuring law enforcement and community members. Phil Foster’s brilliant conceptual illustrations support key points made in this conversation.

David Vogin

Marquette concludes the issue by tying education back into the conversation with an article about the desegregation of Milwaukee Public Schools in 1976. David Vogin’s photo collages provide layers of complexity to this history that cannot fully be expressed through language.

View the full pdf here.