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John Dykes’ Award Winning Campaign

First Interstate Bank commissioned John Dykes for their new ad campaign! First Interstate is a regional bank in the western US and they wanted to use the maps to tell the story of banks’s interactions with the people and culture of each state.   John created three large map illustrations of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana, from which details will be used across multiple media. As you can see, this was a monster project with each map containing approximately 100 spots.  The creative team at MercuryCSC supplied John with lists of image suggestions for each of the states. From there, he created rough sketches of the details, adding personal touches, then assembled the details into a map in Photoshop. Most of the details were drawn from historical and vintage photos and retro advertising. The campaign then expanded to include three more maps – Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

When the campaign went live, it quickly received some nice recognition! The Wyoming map was selected for the 2017 Communication Arts Annual, and the Montana and South Dakota map appeared in American Illustration 36 (2017). John has also received a Merit Award for a series of three illustrations in the Advertising category for the Professional Show from 3×3. And most recently his series of posters were accepted into this year’s Society of Illustrators exhibition. Congratulations John!