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Alison Seiffer for the Wall Street Journal’s Summer Books

Illustration Trends: Results

We’re halfway through the year already! We felt this was a good time to check back in on the illustration trend predictions that we made at the beginning of 2023. Were we right?

Well so far, two of those predicted trends have really been shining this year: mixed-media photo collage, and the “Where’s Waldo” style. exemplifying these trends are recent projects from detail-oriented Kathleen Fu and photo-illustrators Valerie Chiang and Nadia Radic.

Kathleen Fu for Molson Coors Beverage Company

See more examples in our blog post.

Monopoly: 100 Years of Hasbro

Jonathan Carlson was commissioned by WS Game Company to illustrate quite possibly the coolest version of Monopoly ever.

This new edition celebrates the 100th Anniversary of Hasbro by referencing 90 iconic brands, from Tinker Toys and Tonka to Baby Alive and Battleship. The commemorative tin, cards, money, and entire board feature Jonathan’s illustrations of the toys and characters we all know and love. Peruse the awesome details here.

Poor Yella Rednecks

Raul Allen was commissioned by Serino Coyne to illustrate the key art for the off-Broadway production, “Poor Yella Rednecks“. Coming to the Manhattan Theatre Club this October, the play tells the humorous story of a young Vietnamese family’s attempt to put down roots in Arkansas – a place as different from home as it gets.

Summer Reading

How far have you gotten on your summer reading list? If you need more ideas, check out The Wall Street Journal’s Summer Books review, illustrated by Alison Seiffer, covering all the essential reading categories for your summer days.

Barbie Pink

Just for fun, we hopped on the recent pink trend bandwagon and created a collection of illustrations inspired by the power of pink! Check it out on Behance.

Rebekka Dunlap for the Washington Post: “Pink foods, Barbie, and playful escapism”