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Map Mania

Our clients seem to have an insatiable need for maps.    Capable of providing direction on a global or small scale, maps serve an important role in our lives.  Publications, universities, resorts, and games all use maps.  Leave it to illustrators to invent unique ways to show us where we’re going.  We’ve selected a cross section of maps that capture the vibe, tell a story, amuse us, and engage students.  View our virtual map gallery, CSI security free, and travel the world:

Each month Jon Reinfurt highlights the areas around the world where WPI sets up project centers.

Arunas Kacinskas provides style for the The New York Times

Laszlo Kubinyi’s hand drawn map preserves campus detail

Bruce Morser places the William & Mary campus in Central Park to show the college’s alumni connections in NYC

Gwen Keraval maps the memories around a campus dining hall

Relax looking at Elizabeth Traynor‘s resort illustration

Plan your next stop in Singapore with Shaw Nielsen‘s illustration

John S. Dykes tells the story of how the state got it’s shape (and borders) for Our State Magazine

Chiara Vercesi brings us to Marfa in Texas for Texas Highways Magazine

Chiara Vercesi illustrates the journey of Toscana Biologica bioproducts from the fields to the shops

Jakob Hinrichs invites us to Providence with a screen print style

Andrea Cobb‘s thin line delicately shows the cities of Florida for Florida Realtor

Phil Wrigglesworth illustrates a wildly colored Las Vegas

Peter + Maria Hoey map global employment

Reach level 1485 of the addictive game, Two Dots, to follow Aldo Crusher‘s maps

James Boast captures iconic spots of Japan for CSMA magazine

Gary Reddin creates a digital cut paper look for a coast he knows well

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