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James Steinberg for Loyola Magazine

Universities Spring Forward

University and college magazines are looking toward the future and embracing the changing world in the 2023 Spring editions. See our seasonal review of inspiring covers and features that our illustrators have collaborated on, telling stories of generational shifts, environmental action, and expanding communities.

An Interview with Paul Garland

“When jobs do come along with freedom to interpret and form one’s own solutions, they’re overall far more successful as pieces of artwork.”

Graphis Journal # 376 featured an insightful interview with illustrator Paul Garland. Paul is a visual storyteller with intensely colorful, bold, and graphic work. His images are conceptual and metaphorical to convey complex subjects for clients worldwide. Opening with an introduction by Rapp Art President Tim Mendola, the Q&A reveals the motivations, challenges, and inspirations of Paul’s 30-year freelance career.


Nigel Buchanan illustrated a stunning series of 21 portraits for this year’s Time100 issue of Time Magazine. Time100 is an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and included notable figures such as Salman Rushdie, Elon Musk, Samuel Alito, and Brittany Griner. See the work here

Kathleen Fu is on Fire!

Illustrator Kathleen Fu has recently completed a handful of exciting commissions in her much-loved, highly detailed “search and find” style.

Her art for The New York Times cover story, “The Legacy of Zelda“, garnered the attention of Zelda fans and beyond, and her map of Miami colorfully celebrated the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

She also illustrated a cover for The Texas Observer about women’s healthcare; the Global Reporting Centre’s survey on reputational attacks against journalists; and a story in The Washington Post’s “The Home You Own” section about keeping your kids toys from taking over your home.