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November Newsletter

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Anna Godeassi for Experience Life Magazine

We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

One thing that we’re thankful for is all the exciting work that we get to do for University publications. We recently posted a recap of Fall 2023 covers and features illustrated by Rapp artists, centered around topics like recent scientific breakthroughs, changes in the education world, and the impact of AI on… everything. A few highlights are below, and you can see the full recap here.

Speaking of University work: last month we launched Art|ists Magazine Vol. 2! This collaborative project with Kelly McMurray of 2Communiqué showcases a collection of projects from 32 of our artists for 45 college and university publications, and also features an insight from Kelly on collaboration in editorial design.

In case you missed the print edition at the UCDA Design Awards Conference, you can view and download the digital magazine on our site, which is full of inspiration for all University & College Designers. 

Experience Life Special Issue

We loved Anna Godeassi‘s illustration series for Experience Life Magazine’s first digital-only special issue. The content collection is all about the many facets of sexual health and well-being. Anna’s soft, conceptual work pairs well with a series of topics which are often considered too personal to discuss openly, but are vital to overall health. See more here.

Chiara Vercesi’s Health and Science work

For the second year in a row, Chiara Vercesi was selected to be a cover artist for The Lancet Journals – the world-leading source of clinical, public health, and global health knowledge.

She is wrapping up 2023 as the artist for The Lancet Respiratory Health, covering topics such as tobacco regulation reform and the effects of climate change on lung health. She was the 2022 artist for The Lancet Infectious Diseases, becoming the first woman cover artist since The Lancet Journals were established in 2001.

From award-winning editorial series’ to impactful campaigns, Chiara skillfully portrays scientific, environmental, and public health topics using conceptual and eye-catching visuals. See more of her work for the Lancet alongside a collection of other health and science projects she has done in this post.

American illustration 42

We are very proud of the many Rapp artists with Selected and Chosen works in the American Illustration 42 competition, representing a range of great conceptual and narrative work. Congratulations to all of the winners! See the full list here.

Josie Norton