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Our 2015 Communication Arts Winners

Once again RappArt is well represented in the prestigious Communications Arts Illustration competition.  CA received 4300 submissions with only 163 winning selections.  RappArt artists received 6 awards.  Special recognition to Nigel Buchanan who won 3 times!  Other winners are Brad Yeo, Richard Mia, and John Reinfurt.  These artists are among the best in the field, and deserve this esteemed recognition.

Category: Advertising


Illustrator: Brad Yeo | Art Director: Fred Espinosa | Client: P Original | Page: 90

Jacket for indie release on vinyl by DJ and recording artist P Original. “In conversation, P often alluded to his studio as ‘the lab’– a haven filled with all manner of audio kit, speakers, cabling and towering stacks of vinyl. Art direction called for an illustration incorporating themes of recorded sound, remixing and the industrial heritage of New Jersey, home to the recording artist known colloquially as the Garden State.”


Illustrator: Nigel Buchanan | Designer: Lisa Hoerlein| Client: Chester Buchanan | Page: 98

“Poster art for the short film Mise-En-Abyme, a surreal, dark comedy and psychological thriller exploring the relationship between ambition and manipulation and the consequence that arise from it. The action takes place in a waiting room shared by a casting agent and a psychiatrist.”

Category: Editorial

buchanan_berlotelliIllustrator: Nigel Buchanan | Art Director: Robert Priest | Design Firm: Priest + Grace| Client: Eight by Eight |Page: 138

“Liverpool soccer player Mario Balotelli is known for his childish antics on and off the field, as illustrated in this piece for Eight by Eight magazine.”

Nigel Buchanan ID-theft1Illustrator: Nigel Buchanan | Art Director: Rob Smith| Client: Amtrak | Page: 148

“For Arrive magazine article “Wanted: Your Identity,” outlining the dangers of identity theft and precautions to take to avoid it.”


Illustrator: Richard Mia | Art Director: Teresa Hall| Client: Oregon State University, Terra | Page: 138

“Artwork for “Private Eyes,” an article in Terra magazine about digital surveillance. “Government spy agencies, commercial search engines and a vast rabble of phishers, sniffers and black-hat hackers scrutinize Americans’ personal data.”


Illustrator: Jon Reinfurt| Art Director: Minh Uong| Client: The New York Times| Page: 140

“Business section cover illustration for an article that explores the advantages of the Dutch pension program.”