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Out of this World

October is here, which means it’s time to break out our spookiest lawn decor and practice the monster mash. One if the greatest aspects about illustration is its ability to depict absolutely anything, no matter how fantastical. For this reason, Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. The following illustrations are out of this world!

Aldo Crusher – We are unsure if we should run away from this little guy or frolic along side him.

Chi Birmingham – What’s cooler than an undead biker on fire? An undead biker on fire with a sidecar.

Brian Ajhar – These extraterrestrials are out of this world!

Jonathan Carlson – I spy with my little eye…a very big eye!

Anthony Freda – This mutant gives us the heebeegeebees!

An Chen – Family reunions…enough said.

Shaw Nielsen – Yet another reason why we should take ocean pollution more seriously!

Mark Fredrickson – We apologize in advance for the nightmares!

Anna Godeassi – We wish all witches were a little more like her!

Asaf Hanuka – We don’t know if this creature fits under the category of a skeleton or ghost, but either way we’re glad it’s not real.

Andy Ward – Take care of your bones

Aleksey Rico – It’s impolite to eat people with your mouth open.

Elizabeth Traynor – Ok, so maybe these actually do exist…