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Planet E(art)h

“The Earth without art is just eh

Planet Earth is one of our illustrators’ most visited subjects. Whether it be an informational map, quirky cartoon or pointed graphic, there are infinite ways to re-imagine this blue and green globe that we all call home. These illustrations guide powerful conversations about sustainability, diversity, economics, and climate change. We would like to take a moment on Earth Day to thank our planet for inspiring our artists’ constant creativity.

Iskra Johnson

Elizabeth Traynor

Anna Godeassi

Eva Vazquez

Gordon Studer

Egle Plytnikaite

James Steinberg

Taylor Callery

Peter and Maria Hoey

Dan Page

Jean-Francois Podevin


James O’Brien

Kotryna Zukauskaite

Richard Mia

Jon Reinfurt

Jakob Hinrichs