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Chiara Vercesi | Cassa Rurale Rotaliana e Giovo

Chiara Vercesi illustrated the Italian cooperative credit bank, Cassa Rurale Rotaliana e Giovo’s newest campaign, “Eticittà.” The bank loved the organic feel of Chiara’s sketches so much that they used them as their final illustrations. She created a map of “Eticittà,” a utopian city showcasing the values of Cassa Rurale Rotaliana e Giovo. The city guides clients and employees on a journey inside the cooperative credit’s ecosphere comprising of Rights and Duties, Common Good, Future, Knowledge, and Reciprocity.

See more of Chiara’s work here.

Chiara also illustrated Eticittà’s unique currency called, “ethical bill.” They created 7 bills for 7 values, empowering people to live and promote these values.