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Peter Horjus | Ford Lincoln

Peter Horjus illustrated three optimistic and inspiring stories for Ford Lincoln to share on their Instagram account.

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Story #1
Going The Extra Mile: Caruso Lincoln

A couple in Long Beach was about to take home their dream car when the call came: their son in Houston needed emergency brain surgery. By the next morning, they had a plan: they wanted to drive. The Lincoln specialist arrived to a scene out of a movie: Neighbors were running to and fro, packing bags and loading the couple up with homemade meals. As the cul-de-sac cheered them on, the specialist guided the couple through the features of the Lincoln Corsair they would be driving for thousands of miles. A few weeks later, the Caruso team got the news: the drive had been smooth, and more importantly, the surgery, a total success.

Peter Horjus illustration for Ford Lincoln

Story #2
Going the Extra Mile: Ourisman Lincoln

There was no distance far enough to keep this dealership team from getting to clients in need during the health crisis. The Ourisman team in Alexandria, VA sold a Black Label Navigator remotely to a client in Raleigh, NC. With social distancing at its peak, and three children at home who needed supervision, the client was stuck— literally. That’s when a Lincoln expert stepped in to the rescue, driving the Navigator more than four hours to the man’s door. Now, that’s what we call effortless service.

Peter Horjus illustration for Ford Lincoln

Story #3
Going the Extra Mile: Ted Britt Lincoln

Our dealers have been working hard during the pandemic to make sure everyone gets taken care of… even at 30,000 feet. Enter the client in Potomac, MD, who reached out to Ted Britt Lincoln about a new Nautilus. The only problem? He was airborne. The dealership team took it in stride, and the client signed paperwork on the tarmac during a layover. By the time he touched down in Washington, a Lincoln consultant was waiting at the curb, ready to greet him and talk him through the finer points of his new Lincoln Nautilus, which he proudly drove home from the airport that day.

Peter Horjus illustration for Ford Lincoln
Peter Horjus illustration for Ford Lincoln