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Three Cheers for the Wall Street Journal!

The Wall Street Journal is a huge supporter of illustration, and the paper is much more than articles about mergers and mutual funds. Personal Journal, Off Duty, and other sections offer interesting features on wine, books, health, sports, real estate, etc.

Rapp artists are regularly asked to illustrate these articles as well as financial and investment related ones (thanks WSJ). We’ve devoted this post to some of their recent projects.


Greg Mably

Greg created these funky graphic images for the wine column.

mably mably2


Asaf Hanuka

This first piece by Asaf was for an article about the “uberization” of money and the disappearance of the middlemen of banking.


Asaf created this piece for an article about old school Wall Street traders versus the new guys who have yet to experience an interest hike in their time there.
Hanuka traders2

Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Stephanie created these cool pieces for an article about how businesses may be able to learn a thing or two from celebrities when it comes to social media.



Robert Neubecker

Robert recently did three different jobs for the Wall Street Journal. The first was about the middle class and how to make it more stable.



Robert’s second job was about the proper and graceful way to leave when you get fired.

Fired1(1) Fired2(1)

The last job was for a piece about finding a rent stabilized apartment in New York.

Neubecker rent



Daniel Hertzberg

Daniel’s first image, was created for an article about businesses using real time messaging services and how they can use them to their full extent.


The second illustration accompanied an article about Brazil’s recession and how investments are not paying off like they used to.







Shaw Nielsen

Shaw was asked to come up with an illustration for an article about machine translators and how we can make them better and more personal.


Dan Page

Dan recently created this piece for the Journal and an article on fall reading.


Yao Xiao

Yao created this image for an article on procrastination.