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Richard Mia in Paris

Conceptual illustrator, Richard Mia, partnered with Paris’ town hall, Ville De Paris, to create a direct marketing campaign promoting sustainability and a healthy lifestyle for their citizens. Richard Mia illustrated 15 posters celebrating life in Paris, which can be seen all around the streets of this beautiful city. The project was realized through the major advertising agency TBWA/Paris. Keep scrolling to see all of Richard’s posters.

Paris simplified its recycling process with yellow bins

Paris encourages biking with bike lanes on many of its roads

Paris listens to the brilliant ideas of its citizens

Paris’ public transport is free for children under the age of 11

Citizens can report trash and the city will clean it up

Paris incorporates nature into its cityscape

Parisians are heroic people

Paris regulates the cost of rent

Paris puts its pedestrians first

Paris welcomes the next generation of citizens

The youth of Paris assist the elderly

Paris facilitates athletic activities

Paris offers organic options to people of all ages

Paris puts the health of its citizens first

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