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Stunning Concept Art for Deloitte University Press

The design team at Deloitte University Press has the challenging task of creating compelling imagery to work with academic research papers relating to technology, healthcare, finance, and energy. With our range of world class talent, RappArt is a “go-to” resource for Deloitte (thank you). Our latest blog post features some of our most recent assignments. JF Podevin creates amazing imagery in CGI. Traci Daberko imbues a touch of whimsy into her subjects. Long time Deloitte favorite, Stephanie Dalton Cowan, handles the quarterly economic forecasts. And Eva Vazquez’s beautiful, painterly style is the perfect match for her high minded concepts.

Please take a look at the most recent work:

Jean-Francois Podevin:

JF brings his unique CGI style to conceptual imagery. He combines strong concepts with the realism, dimension, and texture that can only be achieved in 3D.

Traci Daberko:

Traci brings just a hint of whimsy to her conceptual images. Traci’s images are about how new technologies make our lives mobile and convenient.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan:

Stephanie is the go-to artist for articles from the Deloitte economists and their forecasts. Beautifully designed graphic realism lend weight to these important subjects.

Eva Vazquez:

Eva brings a painters touch to her conceptual work to accompany articles on technology.