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The Little Things in Life

The “new normal” has been a difficult period of adjustment for everyone. It’s easy to feel trapped in a routine or bored around the house, but our illustrators always find a way to appreciate the little things in life. From redecorating our spaces to reconnecting with old friends, we still have a lot to be grateful for.

Discovering new online workout classes
Egle Plytnikaite

Finding the perfect Zoom set up
Sjoerd van Leeuwen

Becoming amateur sommeliers
Tatjana Junker

Working from home with our loved ones
Nicole Xu

Social Distancing picnics at the Park
An Chen

Rereading our favorite novels
Mike Ellis

Creating an indoor jungle
Gwen Keraval

Reuniting with coworkers
Taylor Callery

Trying new recipes
Robert Neubecker

Rediscovering our favorite video games
Hylton Warburton

Listening to our entire record collection
Chiara Vercesi

Reconnecting with long distance friends
Eva Vazquez

Picking up a new hobby
Raul Arias