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the wall street journal: recent work

The Wall Street Journal is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of a wide range of topics, including finance, world events, health, lifestyle, and culture. A number of our RappArt illustrators have created compelling cover and feature art to accompany articles in the Review, Off Duty, Mansion, and Personal Journal sections, among others. We are excited to share some of their work.

Please take a look!

Nigel Buchanan‘s cover illustration of Jerome Power for WSJ REVIEW.

Traci Daberko‘s illustration for the REVIEW cover article, “Can the Technology Behind COVID Vaccines Cure Other Diseases?”

Taylor Callery‘s cover illustration for Saturday REVIEW: “Is Pope Francis Leading the Church to a Schism?”

And his cover illustration for Saturday REVIEW: “Is Nuclear Power Part of the Climate Solution?”

David Vogin‘s REVIEW cover, “What’s really at Stake in America’s History Wars?”

Ryan Olbrysh‘s collage of Phil Spencer, “Microsoft’s Gamer in Chief”, discussing the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Sean McCabe‘s illustrations for the Best of 2021 music, TV, and film.

Matthieu Forichon‘s art for an Off Duty story about hostesses’ different styles of entertaining.

Stephanie Dalton Cowan‘s illustration for the article, “People Are Using Marijuana to Treat Anxiety and Depression, but the Science Is Murky.”

Daniel Hertzberg‘s dynamic piece for the article, “New Research Busts Popular Myths About Innovation.”

Robert Neubecker created art for “The Spontaneous Origins of Language”

as well as “The Bunk of Generational Talk”

and an article discussing solar energy and it’s benefits.

Dan Page illustrated two articles for WSJ, from left to right, “The Metaverse’s Effects on Mental Health: Trivial or Troubling?” and “The New Job Offer You Want Could Come From Your Old Boss”.

Jan Feindt‘s illustration for The Middle Seat column in Personal Journal about booking flights.

Mike Ellis‘ piece for the real estate section discusses if it is best to buy or rent a vacation home.