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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we asked our artists to complete the classic first week of school assignment, what they did on their summer vacation. We think Hal Mayforth and Bruce Morser best capture the highs and lows of summer. Camping, beach, and work seem to be the most popular activities. Take a minute to check out your favorite illustrators’ summers.


Raul Arias

Raul spent his holiday exploring a new style.



Traci Daberko

Traci’s fun way to represent some of the pleasures of her summer.

DBRKO Summer


John S. Dykes

John’s view from his spot on the beach



Arthur Giron

Arthur whipped this up while camping at the beach.



Peter and Maria Hoey

Peter and Maria were busy working but these were some of their summer themed illustrations.

Baseball(1) Hoey

SummerSpots Hoey

Celia Johnson

Celia took the summer off from illustration to create pieces for a gallery show. She is now back to her illustration drawing board.

celia johnson


Hal Mayforth

Hal spent a month in digital hell after his computer was infected with a virus. But he did celebrate his 100th personal sketchbook.

mayforth mayforth2


Bruce Morser

This is a good one. An urgent assignment came in for Bruce to complete 20 portraits for Crains while he was on an annual family wilderness cruise. He completed the assignment in the ancient wooden boat’s cockpit, sharpening his pencil with a knife. He then attached the art to a carrier pigeon who delivered it to the client.  (ok we made the last part up)

Bruce-at-wheel-of-Courageous morser2morser


Shaw Nielsen

Shaw lives in Denver and would take weekend trips into the mountains for camping and mountain biking.



Dan Page

This is an actual assignment that Dan created for Good Housekeeping on backyard summer mishaps. Do not try this unsupervised!



Jean-Francois Podevin

Jean-Francois decided to experiment with still lives.




Mike and Megan completed this assignment on the ease of online summer shopping.



Rafael Ricoy

Rafa went surfing!


Marc Rosenthal

Marc moved!

moving(1) Rosenthal



Ryan Snook

Ryan created a piece based on his childhood summer adventures with his sister.



Jim Tsinganos

It’s winter in Australia but this is a piece Jim created recently for a group show.



David Vogin

David just finished this.