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January 2024 Newsletter

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Egle Plytnikaite for the George Family Foundation

One month down, 11 to go! We’ve already kicked off the year with lots of exciting work and new things to look forward to in 2024. We started with a look back at the highlights of 2023, reflecting on all the great work our illustrators have done in the past year, which was an incredible journey of storytelling and creative expression. Across two blog posts we highlighted our best of 2023 in Editorial & University and Corporate & Commercial.

John Jay Cabuay

New Talent

We welcomed two new illustrators to our roster this month whom we’re very excited to share. Read on!

Islenia Mil is an Afro-Latina illustrator whose work is a celebration of culture, identity, and artistic brilliance. In her portfolio you will see unexpected perspectives and a vivid color palette combined with strong conceptual problem solving and thoughtful storytelling.  

Julian Rentzsch is a German illustrator informed by a background in communication design, whose style blends traditional and digital techniques. He combines realism, texture, and a hand-drawn feel with graphic elements, resulting in intriguing designs.

Anna Godeassi’s University Work

Anna Godeassi, an Italian conceptual illustrator with a recognizable signature style, has been a favorite of many of our college and university clients. We recently curated a collection of impressive covers and features that Anna has illustrated. We can’t wait to see what stories Anna’s art will tell this year.

Living With Tech

It’s become very apparent how dependent we are on technology in our every day lives, and many are noticing the adverse effects of this, from posture to mental health. Illustrator Daniel Hertzberg recently worked with NPR for an intriguing series that investigates what we can do about it. Body Electric is a 6-part interactive project hosted by TED Radio Hour’s Manoush Zomorodi discussing the impact of tech on our bodies. Daniel created thought-provoking header images for each episode – one of which was selected in Society of Illustrators 66. See them all. Thanks to Grace Widyatmadja for the art direction.

The Medical Post

Kathleen Fu‘s style continues to be popular for its eye-catching colors and compositions, and the way she can turn any subject matter into a fun search-and-find that effectively tells the story. In 2023 she illustrated 6 awesome cover illustrations for The Medical Post, which reports on healthcare topics and medical news of importance to Canada’s physicians. There’s so much to see in each one – see them all here. Thanks to Nancy Peterman at EnsembleIQ for the art direction.

The Lancet Rheumatology

Chiara Vercesi has, for the third year in a row, been selected as a cover illustrator for the Lancet medical journals – this year for The Lancet Rheumatology. Here is January’s cover depicting HLH, a rare and potentially life-threatening immune disorder. We look forward to seeing the brilliant work Chiara will do for this series.